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William J. Sump, M.S., has held a number of senior management positions in the cannabis industry responsible for running all facets of the supply chain. William has worked with advocates across the state and was a founding officer of a dispensary that had a published Supreme Court decision on whether or not municipalities have the right to ban retail sales out of existence. The facility was considered the gold standard of compliance and the dispensary utilized a farmer’s market model for distribution which brought cultivators directly to patients in order to make safe-access affordable. William’s ability to cultivate government relations around cannabis advocacy led to his participation in several regulatory framework committees involved in public policy throughout the state of California. William is actively involved in several campaign fundraising committees, Chamber of Commerces, and civil cases involving advocacy for cannabis legalization. William has helped numerous startup groups come into compliance. William studied math and economics at University of California, Santa Cruz and most recently completed a graduate program in Applied Economics and Finance. His graduate study capstone involved research on how financial markets interact using modern microeconomic models in firm theory. William has over 15 years of experience in driving sales growth and has a comparative advantage in his ability to quantify the efficiency of a project. He specializes in providing database management, financial planning and risk management consulting.



My adventure into the cannabis industry began 8 years ago with my fascination with concentrates. I loved flower and all of its benefits but I was determined to learn the best method of isolating the essence of the plant, thus providing an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Through trial and error, in life and the extraction process, I began to understand the benefits of extraction and how important it is for these processes to be in the right hands. My family has always been part of cannabis advocacy and pushed for legalization and clean cannabis for all.



My fascination with cannabis began with 6 plants in a bedroom closet, and only grew from there. This plant has given me the chance to shape my own opportunities and walk my own path in life. The industry has allowed me to grow as an entrepreneur and gain invaluable experience operating a successful enterprise. However, it is not only my entrepreneurial success that I am most thankful for. Far more important are the human experiences I’ve witnessed and relationships I’ve cultivated. From helping friends and family support themselves through farming, to helping veterans and elderly patients avoid the crippling side effects of mainstream opioid treatments, to empowering future generations just like myself. These are the experiences that have molded me into who I am today. Cannabis has given me the power to change others’ lives, as it did for me, and that is what I cherish the most. I can think of no more thrilling and fulfilling future than bringing my talents to the Bloom Network.



Max Tromba has had a diverse career as a media producer from award-winning documentaries to theatrical features as well as online content, broadway shows, and commercial work. From National Geographic’s Before The Flood following Leonardo DiCaprio and his climate change mission, to HBO’s Bright Lights with Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, Netflix’s fireworks spectacle Sky Ladder — his work has had a focus on health, politics, and the environment. Recently on the media finance side, his focus shifted toward the intersection of entertainment technology & business.



My journey overcoming illness and discovering wellness has inspired my activism in cannabis and has led to a career in advocacy and helping others discover this incredible plant. After working over a decade in the financial sector, my personal experience with cannabis lead me onto a new journey across the country where my involvement took root. I performed managerial work in a marijuana doctor’s office where I ensured proper licensing, regulatory compliance, and patient privacy. I witnessed the incredible relief and recovery that cannabis provided strengthening my resolve. My activism bloomed from advocacy leading me to organize AIDS & cannabis support groups and eventually legal and political actions. Now having lived and worked as a patient, provider, medicinal staff, grower, and edible manufacturer I see the Bloom Network and my role as the Chief Compliance Officer as the next best step in my journey to remove the stigma and bring cannabis to all.



Having years of experiencing with computer and development technologies. With specializing in infrastructure I have grown my tool set to almost encompassing all areas of web and application systems. Now bring 18+ years of corporate and business development and technologies to bloom network with the hopes to help create the standards for the industry for years to come.



Anthony hails from the sunny coast of Santa Cruz, CA where he has lived since 2009. After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) with his Bachelor’s Degree in 2013, Anthony was fortunate enough to join some of the largest tech companies like RobinHood and Uber while they were still small. In 2016, Anthony obtained his Masters of Science Degree in Applied Economics and Finance from UCSC. He then co-founded a software company called GrowthPlug, Inc. and grew it to a $1M valuation in only 1 year. Anthony holds awards in the Electrical Engineering Department at UCSC for business design and also from The City of Santa Cruz for his collaborated proposal to make the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf 100% energy renewable by 2032. Anthony finds the greatest joy in spending time with his close family, consumed in an oil painting project, or island-hopping in the South Pacific.



My passion for cannabis began over 15 years ago when I first began consuming and cultivating for personal and medicinal uses in my family and community.  I saw first-hand how beneficial this medicine was to people around me and this developed my belief in the healing powers of this plant, both for physical and psychological ailments. My previous work experience included management of a retail pool store, full service car dealership. My work experience provided me leadership skills, managerial skills, and the ability to successfully complete projects with an attention to detail and focus on organization. I am excited to now bring my skills and experience to the growing cannabis industry with my position here at Bloom Network.

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