Bloom Network | Integrated Manufacturing & Distribution

Cultivating a collaborative network across the cannabis supply-chain to deliver impeccable quality and consistency in the products we source and distribute.

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An integrated network of cultivators entrust Bloom Network to manage a consistent supply of cannabis biomass to broker and manufacture.
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Our comprehensive network of licensed distributors establishes a best possible price point across the supply-chain.
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Developing a network of extraction laboratories ensures flexibility in biomass management for sourcing and toll processing.
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Contractual sourcing and distribution across an established network ensures quality and consistency in fulfillment across the state for in-demand brands and consumer products.
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Our Story

Founded by cannabis leaders with a legacy of commitment to advocacy, compassion, and compliance.

Our business is modeled on compliant operation that maintains sustainability, supporting the company and its growth,
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The Bloom Network Difference



Dedication to supply-chain oversight and industry leading testing enables us to deliver confidence with the quality and reliability of our products.



Our network of partnerships is founded on a commitment to collaboration, supported with business methodologies and strategies to deliver consistent value for every vertical.



We trace our roots to compassion; advocacy for reasonable regulations and safe access to affordable and free cannabis for those in need is a passion and a priority.



Enthusiasm and experience drive our inspiration and ingenuity, raising the standard of quality in the processes and products we create in-house, and collaboratively.
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Connect with Bloom Network

Let our team collaborate with your company for your cannabis needs.

Our relentless pursuit of research and data based solutions empowers us with the expertise to creatively consult on your cannabis brand or businesses growing needs. Contact our team today to join our network and bloom with us!
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