William Sump

Chief Executive Officer


William J. Sump, M.S., has held a number of senior management positions in the cannabis industry, responsible for running all facets of the supply chain.  He has worked with advocates across the State and was a founding officer of a dispensary that had a published Supreme Court decision on whether or not municipalities have the right to bad retail sales out of existence.  The facility was considered the “gold standard” of compliance and the dispensary utilized a farmer’s market model for distribution which brought cultivators directly to patients in order to make safe access affordable. 

William’s ability to cultivate government relations around cannabis advocacy led to his participation in several regulatory framework committees involved in public policy throughout the State of California.  He is actively involved in several campaign fundraising committees, Chambers of Commerce, and civil cases involving advocacy for cannabis legalization.  His efforts have helped a number of cannabis startup group with the foundational elements required to maintain compliance. 

He studied math and economics in Applied Economics and Finance and completed his graduate capstone in research on how financial markets interact using modern microeconomic models in firm theory.  William has more than 15 years of experience in driving sales and growth and has a comparative advantage in his ability to quantify the efficiency of a project.  He specializes in providing database management, financial planning and risk management consulting. 



Data Management & Analytics90%
Supply Chain85%

Contact Info

Phone : (831) 331-0257
Email : william@bloomnetwork.io

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