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Bloom Network seeks to showcase and scale the highest quality Cannabis brands from Humboldt to San Diego
Trimming, Fresh Frozen, and Transport


An integrated network of cultivators entrust Bloom Network to manage a consistent supply of cannabis biomass to broker and manufacture.  This serves as a growing demand for raw materials in branded product lines and provides a consistent sourcing for our in-house extraction demands. We specialize in Trim Processing, Fresh Frozen transport, batch pickup, warehousing, and freezing.

Our proprietary process produces a “true to strain” live resin terpene profile


Our unique application method is a combination of the latest techniques in solvent and solventless extraction. The passion of our partners can be seen in the outputs of concentrated cannabis, showcasing the fullest representation of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and phenolic compounds in the flower.

We are currently working with farms in Mendocino, Oakland, Salinas, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Yolo counties.


Bloom Network has developed a strong retail network throughout the San Francisco Bay area, as well as Central and Southern California and we can establish the best possible price point for all firms within our network to remain competitive and profitable as the cannabis market consolidates.

Innovative Products and Efficient Fulfillment


Cannabis brands and partner with us for our excellence in fulfillment. We select innovative consumer products, guided by economic analysis of data from sourcing, distribution, and key consumer demand insights. Product development is informed and empowered by key partnerships across our network.

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