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Licensed Cannabis Cultivation, Distribution & Manufacturing

Bloom Network is a California cannabis firm focused on brand development and supply-chain management. Bloom was founded in June of  2018 with headquarters in Santa Cruz. We have strategic partnerships with cultivators across California that provide consistent reliable sourcing of top shelf cannabis flower, fresh frozen, and biomass. We utilize our current headquarters as a packaging facility and fulfillment hub for wholesale and retail products. We are key player in an extensive network of cooperative relationships with other cannabis companies, providing a variety of services that include white-labeling, packaging, transport, genetics supply chain sourcing options, intellectual property, and consulting.

Our Story

California Cannabis Origins

Bloom Network is founded by California cannabis industry leaders with a historic commitment to advocacy and the compassion that guided the passage of our State’s first medical cannabis regulations. Our business is modeled on compliant operation, maintaining sustainability in our path to scale, supporting company growth and collaborative opportunities with leading companies and emerging operators.

We contribute and support industry advocacy and educational organizations focused on delivering ongoing value in uplifting new and traditional cannabis consumers. From the Brownie Mary Democratic Club to the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project to our own Compassion Program, we are committed to aligning and empowering those individuals and organizations that work to promote reasonable and responsible cannabis consumption and to those organizations dedicated to delivering compassion. 

Compliant Cannabis Services

Dedicated Industry Resources & Support for Licensed California Cannabis Companies


A robust suite of services from fresh-frozen harvest support, micro-batch extraction, testing, tolling, sales, white-labelling and distribution for licensed cannabis cultivators.


Our network provides sourcing and distribution services with statewide fulfillment for bulk cannabis products, consumer products for retail, and brand development. 


Solvent and solventless toll processing and production of high-quality bulk biomass or fresh frozen for the growing market demand in innovative cannabis extracts and concentrates.


Market research and reliable fulfillment continues to cultivate our network of dispensaries, supporting the supply-chain and demand for our partner and portfolio brands.

As we continue to grow to serve the evolving, licensed California cannabis industry and community, we would love to explore how we can partner with you or your organization to help you fulfill your needs. 

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If you have any questions, we hope you take the opportunity to connect. Please send us a brief message here on what we can do to support your efforts in cannabis. 

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