Bloom Network

Founded on Compassion & Compliance

Bloom Network is founded by California cannabis industry leaders with a historic commitment to advocacy and the compassion that guided the passage of our state’s first medical cannabis regulations.  Our business is modeled on compliant operation, maintaining sustainability in our path to scale, supporting company growth and collaborative opportunities with leading companies and emerging operators. 

Bloom Network’s vision is to cultivate community, foster compassion, and build brands with visions based on passion.

Bloom Network contributes and supports industry advocacy and educational organizations focused on delivering ongoing value in uplifting new and traditional cannabis consumers. From the Brownie Mary Democratic Club to the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project to our own Compassion Program, we are committed to aligning and empowering those individuals and organizations that work to promote reasonable and responsible cannabis consumption and to those organizations dedicated to delivering compassion.

Bloom Network’s mission statement is creating a collaborative network across the cannabis supply chain to deliver impeccable quality and consistency in the products we source, produce, and distribute.

Bloom Network’s values are:

Authenticity: We are dedicated to supply-chain oversight, with industry-leading science and quality assurance testing which ensures consistency in the quality of our products batch after batch.

Community:  Our network is founded on a commitment to collaboration and supported with business methodologies and strategies to deliver value for every vertical. 

Compassion:  We trace our roots to compassion; advocacy for reasonable regulations and safe access to cannabis for those in need is a passion and a priority.

Innovation:  Our enthusiasm and experience drive inspiration and ingenuity to raise the standard of quality in processes and products we create in-house and with partners.

Knowledge:  We embrace and encourage learning, pursuing research-based solutions through data, empowering us with the expertise and insights for new challenges. 

Dedicated to Building Successful
Cannabis Brands

Cultivating a collaborative network across the cannabis supply-chain to deliver impeccable quality and consistency in the products we source and distribute.

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